Improving Umbraco websites in partnership with 3Sixty marketing agency


Our partnership with 3Sixty Digital, a Bristol marketing agency, is an excellent example of how our dedicated dev team services work. We handle all the web development tasks and provide project management in coordination with the end client, while our partner takes care of the design and the general "big idea". As a result, the end client can order marketing, design, and development services through one agency. It also means a new source of income for our partner agency. Everybody wins. 

dedicated development team services from polish web development agency Our partnership with 3Sixty Digital Agency as dedicated web development team service provider

Website refreshment and fixing UI issues

We started cooperation with 3Sixty thanks to our Kentico skills. Soon, our second specialization in Umbraco also turned out to be helpful. Our partner agency asked us to take over some of their clients' Umbraco-based sites. The purpose of one website was to rent luxury properties, but it had several functional and technical issues. For instance, the price comparison functionality didn't work well, clearing the list of unavailable properties was not automated, and sorting offers could have been much more intuitive. 

3Sixty was responsible for UX design and interface solutions while our job was to implement them smoothly. The other part of the project was integrating websites with payment gateways and external property management booking. We took care of it by providing web development, maintenance, quality assurance, and project management services. 


Implementing new features, improving user experience

The suggestions widget was one of the new functional solutions we implemented for the real estate rental website. A feature connected to the page's calendar recommends to users the number of days to rent a property. In addition, the offer sorting issue was solved with a widget. 

Another major part of the project included implementing a new widget that would display properties available in a selected period of time based on specific criteria chosen by the user (for example - properties perfect for the holiday season).  

Umbraco project done by dedicated development team from Poland Umbraco projects by polish Umbraco web development agency


In the words of our partner agency's Founder, "Thanks to the robust development process and testing, our clients and we have 100% confidence in ADHD's ability to deliver bug-free and fully functional technical solutions.". 

The trilateral cooperation between 3Sixty Digital, their clients, and us works to the satisfaction of all. 

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