AI features in Kentico and other DXPs: what content managers want and what vendors think they want


Text editor enhancements, email generators, assistants—AI functionalities become widespread in martech tools. For Kentico, artificial intelligence implementations mark just the beginning of the journey. Soon, XbK could emerge as a prime illustration of intelligently integrating AI for CMS and marketing tools users, tailored precisely to their preferred usage patterns.

AI features in Xperience by Kentico, Sitecore, other DXPs – what content managers look for in AI AI features in Xperience by Kentico, Sitecore, other DXPs – what content managers look for in AI AI is the biggest thing in tech right now, and every tech company feels the pressure to integrate it or risk falling behind. Naturally, there is a lot of phony business going around with this. You may have heard about the expensive AI Pin gadget produced by the startup Humane, intended to be a digital companion akin to the movie "Her," but ultimately revealed as an expensive Android app with some extra steps. 

There will be many such traps for consumers and investors, but there is no turning back from the AI ​​revolution. There's no denying the profound impact AI can have, offering invaluable assistance across various domains when wielded with good intentions and keen insights. Yet, to fully harness its potential, the creators of these AI tools must grasp the intricacies of different industries and workflows. Content Management Systems aren't exempt from this revolution. The pertinent question arises: What exactly do content managers and marketers require from artificial intelligence?



Various approaches to integrating AI into martech are surfacing. One mindset is the belief that "AI is the answer to all your problems." This perspective promises to automate tasks like content creation, email responses, and campaign optimization entirely while you rest with your feet up. While it's an enticing vision showcased in demos and ads, like those by Sitecore, the reality remains distant. Immediate implementation of such an approach creates a risk of chaos, simply fueling "dead internet" theories.

Another strategy involves inundating your platform with AI-generated recommendations. After all, who wouldn't appreciate multiple pop-ups offering advice throughout the interface, right? In reality, this approach, though AI-driven, only diverges a little from the automation algorithms that have long been in use.

And, of course, there is also the practical assistance of generative AI, an approach that would seem to be the most reasonable for today. Discreet buttons that you can use to shorten or enhance your text, change its tone, or add a missing paragraph. 

In a recent video, David San Filippo from Perficient Agency showcased these functionalities within Sitecore's content manager and mailing tools. An array of sleek features, including the "Improve writing" and "Make longer" options. However, at the end of the presentation, a crucial moment comes when he utters, "I won't save the changes because I actually like what I wrote before better." Herein lies the crux of the matter.


You're probably familiar with this saying circulating LinkedIn: "AI won't take your job. Someone who knows how to use AI might." 

Upcoming new AI features in Xperience by Kentico AUpcoming new AI features in Xperience by Kentico It all boils down to this: Generative AI can be a part of the creation and content management process without replacing it. For me, it's like a whiteboard that talks back to you. An entity you can bounce your ideas off, but it can also do your dirty work of researching, summarizing, and sorting things out. While I might seek ChatGPT's assistance refining sections of an email, I'll only adopt the proposed changes that resonate with me, blending them with my existing content. That is the key thing that needs to be understood while designing AI features for CMSs and marketing tools.

Xperience by Kentico AI features are currently in preview mode and expected to be updated in upcoming versions; at a glance, they look much like what Sitecore and other DXPs present in their demos, but as usual, the devil is in the details. 

Take, for instance, the process of crafting email campaigns. With XbK, it will be more convenient for you to generate an email subject based on the content you usually create first. Your AI extension will give you some suggestions that you can continue working on or replace with another topic that comes to mind during the process. It's a dialogue, a cooperation. It can be used by someone who really cares about quality content rather than simply populating empty fields. 

Upcoming new AI features in Xperience by Kentico Upcoming new AI features in Xperience by Kentico The same goes for refining text in the rich text editor. The default prompts like 'Make it shorter' or 'Exemplify' serve as starting points for editing, empowering you to maintain full control as a content manager. These refinements exclusively affect the most recent output generated by the AI. You can also make your adjustments by typing into the prompt at the bottom of the AI panel.




The most exciting aspect is that AI implementations in Xperience by Kentico extend beyond typical generative functions in rich text editor fields. As extensively discussed during the recent Kentico Partner Days, AIRA (Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Assistance) has been in development for several years. It's set to be integrated across nearly the entire new XbK platform, streamlining your tasks based not only on AI capabilities but also on extensive documentation knowledge and twenty years of experience in Kentico system development. It's akin to having your own Kentico evangelist by your side while navigating the platform—whether you're building new subpages, creating microsites, managing user groups, personalizing content, or launching campaigns.

As someone immersed in daily content creation and editing within CMSs and occasionally leveraging external generative AI tools for over a year, I'm highly optimistic about Kentico's approach. While AI integrations offer tremendous potential, they warrant careful consideration. They must leverage the most advanced underlying technology and, above all, genuinely enhance productivity rather than merely dazzle with flashy features. Xperience by Kentico currently embodies one of the most pragmatic approaches to this technology. As seasoned Kentico Partners, we're eager to discuss how streamlined marketing and content management can benefit your organization.


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