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We did not choose finance and investment management as our market niche. Yet, we've found ourselves deeply involved due to our expertise in technologies like Kentico and Umbraco CMSs, which industry professionals highly favor. Here's why these platforms are preferred and how marketers and sales representatives within the sector can capitalize on their advanced features.

Best DXPs and most popular CMSs for finance – why we recommend Kentico and Umbraco to financial companies Best DXPs and most popular CMSs for finance – why we recommend Kentico and Umbraco to financial companies In the ever-evolving fintech landscape, we probably do not have to explain to you, financial industry stakeholders, that the brick-and-mortar model is becoming obsolete, with the digitalization of processes now an undeniable certainty. While the personalized guidance of an advisor retains its value, investment management companies of all sizes must prioritize cutting-edge technologies, digital security, and exceptional customer experiences to stay relevant.

If you're reading this, chances are you're in the process of selecting a CMS for your investment fund or wealth management company, or seeking a future-proof solution to expand your existing system while optimizing ROI. Regardless of your specific situation, our foremost advice remains consistent:



In 2023, the mean expense associated with data breach soared to an unprecedented level of US$ 4.45 million, as indicated by the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report by IBM.  

In the financial sector, data breaches are particularly severe, underscoring the critical importance of a robust underlying infrastructure. Despite assumptions, our observations reveal that the finance industry isn't exempt from the widespread use of basic CMSs like WordPress. While some argue that WordPress, with proper configuration and security measures such as reputable hosting, trusted plugins, and regular updates, can be secure even for investment banks, this exact need for constant vigilance and the system's popularity make it a less than optimal choice for the financial realm.

Numerous enterprises opt for closed systems like Sitecore or Optimizely. For them, the challenge often lies in the agility of implementing changes, crucial in a fast-paced market. Umbraco, another open-source CMS, stands out for its robust security features and reliability, supported by excellent assistance, automated updates, regular penetration testing, and a vigilant community. Unlike the larger platforms mentioned, Umbraco boasts a lightweight, adaptable architecture, facilitating content management and the development of new features in response to marketing demands and emerging legal requirements.

If not opting for an open-source solution, Kentico stands out as a versatile alternative to platforms like Sitecore or Optimizely, boasting exceptional security features, including:

  • Multiple security layers and advanced authentication methods, with the option to integrate custom mechanisms, a service we, as your Kentico-specialized tech partner, can offer.
  • Implementation of Anti-CSRF tokens to thwart Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks by validating request authenticity before reaching the server.
  • Seamless setup of user roles.
  • Double opt-in processes and integration with reCAPTCHA.


SKILLFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH THE LATEST REGULATIONS another thing that you should absolutely keep in the back of your mind as owners or managers of a financial enterprise.

The advent of new regulations in the financial sector doesn't just impact legal disclosures on the websites of investment funds and banks; at times, they directly mandate website redesigns and create time-consuming tasks for backend developers. 

For instance, last year, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK introduced several new rules regarding verification processes for potential investors and a mandatory cooling-off period post-registration on investment company websites, constraining crucial operational functionalities for new users. Addressing these changes necessitated implementing new solutions on the Umbraco website of one of our financial management partners. 

And each year brings forth new regulations for financial companies. The most intensively processed topics right now concern the implementation of AI, which is widely used in all industries and, in finance, is often involved in analyzing and automatically rejecting loan applications. With a flexible digital experience platform and an experienced tech partner, potential challenges posed by new legal requirements can be swiftly addressed and solutions implemented ahead of regulatory enforcement.


Customers increasingly demand highly personalized offerings from financial institutions, and Kentico really is THE quintessential platform for customized content, facilitating the creation of tailored digital experiences across various channels. This translates into practical benefits such as the ability to display individualized offers exclusively to users with specific investment portfolios or customer profiles.

Moreover, the platform's integrated functions empower businesses to fully harness their customer data while API integrations with other FinTech tools optimize tech stack utilization, ensuring a competitive edge.

Additionally, Kentico's array of low-code, no-code marketing solutions streamline workflows for marketers, enabling independence from developers. Marketers can effortlessly create new service microsites, seamlessly integrating them into their company's intricate digital ecosystems.

Specializing in digital platforms like Kentico and Umbraco, alongside our bespoke development services, we cater to the unique needs of the financial institutions market. Whether you're contemplating Kentico or Umbraco for a new platform or seeking upgrades and additional functionalities for your existing setup, reach out to us. We'll guide you through a Discovery/Define Session and craft a comprehensive plan to implement the ideal solution efficiently and effectively.


You want to know more about Kentico or Umbraco features for fintech? We're looking forward to talking with you!

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