Xperience by Kentico and insights from Kentico Partner Summit 2023


Kentico EMEA Partner Day, held last month in beautiful Prague, was a nice opportunity to catch up with Kentico executives and other agencies, plus take a glimpse into the future. As a longtime Partner, we were there, along with 50 other participants, to learn about the company's vision, product updates, and new developments. And to keep you informed, naturally. 

News about Xperience by Kentico new DXP and insights from Kentico Partner Day 2023 What is new with Kentico? News about the upcoming Xperience by Kentico platform and Kentico Partner Day 2023

DXP/CMS market trends and the struggle to find the best-suited solution 

Dominik Pinter, Kentico's CEO, and Jan Havel, Co-Founder of ACTUM Digital, kicked off the event by discussing market trends, including DXP, headless and composable, Web3 and Metaverse, and the general shortage of developers able to keep up with the technology. The recurring theme was the struggle many companies and organizations have to choose the right technology and how it challenges Kentico Partners. It's something we, in fact, also deal with regularly


Xperience by Kentico: content management, e-commerce, and marketing in one tool  

We learned a little about the upcoming SaaS solution, Xperience by Kentico, at the Kentico Connection last year, and the updates were much awaited. Now, finally, we had a chance to better understand what the future Kentico flagship will look like and what is the full story behind it. 

Xperience by Kentico new DXP – what can you expect from the upcoming platform What is new with Kentico? News about the upcoming Xperience by Kentico
Combining CMS with marketing tools was already Kentico's strong suit. Still, the new platform is coming up as a really potent tool for content management, e-mail automation, and e-commerce. 

Speakers devoted much time at the conference to the challenges faced by marketers. The lack of time to test different ideas fused with the pressure to quickly deliver results. Kentico's mission is to simplify their work and reduce the need for the overwhelming amount of different tools. The new platform will be a very marketing-centric solution, providing growth specialists with a space to experiment, create, innovate, and do as much of that as possible by themselves. 

The new product will be rolled out in phases throughout the year 2023, and its foundation will be: 

  • embracing multi-experience,
  • accelerating cloud capabilities, 
  • expanding digital ecosystem, as stated above. 

How does it translate into new features? Among other things, we can expect contextualized content creation, smart insights, gated content, enhanced mailing, and marketing automation functionalities.  

Kentico's release of its comprehensive SaaS solution reflects its commitment to meeting market trends and demands. While Xperience 13 remains the primary product, it will eventually be phased out in favor of the new Xperience by Kentico. 

We will keep you posted about any new updates regarding Kentico's product updates. Partner Day concluded with a networking session, which allowed us to exchange insights about the web development market with experts from all the Europe. These insights will also undoubtedly translate into our market communication soon.

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