NEWS: ADHD Interactive Wins The Manifest Award for Poznan’s Most Reviewed B2B Leader for 2023


Tired of service providers who are full of promises but fail to meet those expectations? We’re tired of them too! That’s why here at ADHD Interactive, we live by the mantra of no overpromising and no under delivering. We are a no-nonsense team that gets down to business to make sure our clients have the best solutions they can maximize for their growth.

ADHD Interactive wins The Manifest award ADHD Interactive wins The Manifest award It’s because of our clients’ phenomenal trust that we’ve achieved so many feats since our inception, and it’s also thanks to them that we’re honoring another win today. Just recently, The Manifest Company Awards announced that ADHD Interactive is among the most reviewed and recommended B2B leaders. According to their latest report, our team is one of Poznan’s reliable partners for web development and software development services for 2023!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Manifest, it’s a B2B research list and how-to resource that encompasses different sectors across the globe. Each year, its awards cycle spotlights the importance of building stellar relationships with clients and the public. The award is given to the outstanding firms that received the highest number of earnest endorsements and ratings over the preceding twelve months.
Thank you so much to all of our incredible clients. The support and trust they have in our team is the reason why we’re celebrating this moment right now. ADHD Interactive wouldn’t be the team that it is today without their amazing confidence in us. We dedicate this remarkable award to all of our clients.

Web and software development aren’t our only expertise. Drop us a line and we’ll walk you through more of our services.

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