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We're nearing the launch of Umbraco 13, the upcoming long-term supported version, in less than a month. Additionally, with Umbraco 8's support set to conclude in just over a year, it's an opportune moment to consider the benefits of upgrading. "Thirteen" boasts a bunch of enhancements tailored to support business growth, making the transition particularly worthwhile.

What is new with Umbraco 13 new release and it’s worth to consider upgrading Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 13 now
What is new with Umbraco 13 new release and it’s worth to consider upgrading Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 13 now – consult with your trusted Umbraco Partner agency ADHD InteractiveUmbraco 8's technical support concludes in February 2025. Meanwhile, Umbraco 13, harnessing the freshest of the fresh .NET 8 technology, is set for release on the 14th of December this year. You can't get more current than this. 

The lucky "thirteen" will be Umbraco's next LTS (Long-Term Support) version, succeeding the tenth. So, opting for it now translates to a respite from big upgrades for a substantial time period. Following Umbraco's strategic approach, one in the subsequent few versions of Umbraco will be an LTS version, with Umbraco 17 earmarked as the next in line, though that's a consideration for the future. For now, let's concentrate on the newest offerings of the latest platform, as it introduces numerous reinforcements and fresh features that actively bolster business development.


Webhooks for real-time notifications (and such)

Starting with our favorite... webhooks. Another embrace of headless capabilities introduced by Umbraco. 

What is so special about them? Webhooks let you push information to third-party systems, and with Umbraco's UI, you can do it by simply pasting a URL you want to call and choosing the event you wish to inform it about. It sounds a bit like headless API, which is present in Umbraco 12, but the difference is that the APIs facilitate two-way communication (request-answer), whereas webhooks respond promptly to any changes in your CMS. 

They're event-driven, so they are perfect for things like time-sensitive data updates and real-time notifications. Picture your users receiving a push notification the second your on-site stream goes live—without delays and so much simpler. The process becomes seamless, with Umbraco managing all the queuing, retrying, and logging. 


The same goes for instant CRM notifications, inventory management systems, or automated email campaigns triggered whenever a new article, offer, or product is up. 


Three versions ago, the new Block Grid Editor already did for content editing what an electric bread slicer did for eating sandwiches: simplified everything, allowing you to create pages from pre-built blocks using drag-and-drop features. Umbraco 13 takes another step forward in making the lives of content managers easier.

The new version will bring to the table a fresh capability to reuse blocks and embrace block-level variations. This time-saving feature facilitates the recycling of blocks across different instances of block lists and grid-based structures. Adding more block options boosts creative freedom and gives more wiggle room when crafting content. 


Umbraco 13 takes full advantage of the latest .NET technology, including its extensive memory management improvements. Even content-rich sites with massive databases, like e-learning platforms or travel portals, will load instantly thanks to code optimization, better support for the cloud, highly efficient rendering, and, foremost, a little thing called Lazy Loaded Content Cache

This clever technique ensures that content loads only when requested, a refreshing departure from the commonplace "cache everything" routine. Websites operate with fewer resources, making the system less bloated and more effective. 

So, Lazy Loaded Content Cache is like a backstage crew working behind the scenes, bringing in only what's needed, precisely when it's needed, to enhance the user experience. 



About a hundred new ways of attacking your database are invented each week, but Umbraco constantly stays on top of things. The upcoming upgrade includes, among others, support for the newest encryption standards, the capability to mandate passwords of increased complexity, as well as stronger protections against SQL injections and various code-based threats

The latter becomes exceptionally crucial for website owners whose functionality relies heavily on user input—virtually every business, given the widespread use of contact forms, online payment systems, and login features.



The points mentioned above represent just a snapshot of the benefits offered by Umbraco 13, and you can find a comprehensive overview here

As always, a steadfast guarantee of reliability stems from our robust community. The system was made accessible for testing at the start of November. Attendees at the recent Duug Umbraco meetup have already had hands-on experience, swiftly pinpointing minor issues and suggesting solutions, as reported on Linkedin. Stay tuned for an upcoming guide where we delve into the substantial added value brought by the Umbraco Community and specialized initiatives like the one highlighted here.



If you're currently utilizing Umbraco 8 or a more recent version and prioritize long-term support, system stability, and leveraging the latest technology, feel free to reach out to us. We can devise a robust upgrade plan tailored to your needs.

If you're using a different system and contemplating a change, we welcome you to schedule a consultation. Explore the benefits of webbooks or Lazy Loaded Content, which can significantly enhance your website's performance and streamline your workflow with a comprehensive set of martech tools.

ADHD Interactive specializes in handling upgrades, maintenance, and ensuring the robust security of Umbraco websites. We excel in both the inception of new projects and, notably, providing support to fellow Umbraco Partners seeking additional resources from our pool of experienced software engineers. If you're looking to enhance the operational capacity of your agency, contact us too—we've got you covered.


Upgrading to Umbraco 13 soon? Let's talk about how we can help with your project!

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