Implementing a better online booking system for luxury apartments rental company


Our cooperation with this Swiss luxury apartments rental company began in 2015 when the mobile transformation was rising. Everybody was worried about the so-called mobilegeddon (change in Google algorithm sidelining pages without mobile version), so our first task was to prepare a responsive version of the website as fast as possible. We handled it so well that the client decided to extend our partnership and asked us for more frontend and backend development work. 


Ultimately, the client asked us to rebuild the entire website to make it more user-friendly. We had to re-create the system on which the Vision Apartments operating mechanism was based. It meant not only simple redesign but also the modernization of the entire programming base. So from then on, we dealt with the front-end and back-end management of the portal, sharing some responsibilities with another development company.

What most of the users complained about was the impractical booking process. Most notably, the way of selecting dates from the calendar to book the apartment. Page needed a new, more intuitive interface.


The portal ran on the Kentico system, and we had to integrate it with other development tools. As a result, we not only streamlined individual elements but redesigned the entire user path. Users no longer had to click through several pages to finalize their room reservations. They could use a single module next to the rental offer - a design similar to sites like, which shortly led to increasing website traffic and the number of bookings.

We had continued our cooperation with the client over the next few years, becoming their technological partner responsible for maintenance, tech support, and creating new landing pages for marketing campaigns.

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