Building modern e-commerce with Umbraco


Creating online stores can be challenging when it comes to providing quotations. Obviously, they require a broader range of digital solutions. Payment gateways and ERP integrations are the things we know really well, but the powerful combination of Umbraco and Umbraco Commerce makes it now more convenient to put everything together. 

Umbraco Commerce add-on for developing modern ecommerce solutions Developing modern ecommerce solutions – looking to develop an online store? Build it with Umbraco and new Umbraco Commerce add-on

Scalability, performance, and security - that's the holy trinity of every solid digital solution. With e-commerce solutions, you must also pay close attention to payment gateway integration, inventory management, excellent search functionality, and other third-party integration. Inheriting its incredible flexibility and customizability from Umbraco CMS, the new Umbraco Commerce product looks adept at handling all these crucial aspects.

Umbraco Commerce: Who is it for?

Umbraco Commerce is a long-awaited official e-commerce add-on for Umbraco websites. Whether you want to enhance your current setup or create something fresh, this flexible solution seamlessly integrates with your platform. It's crafted to meet a wide range of needs, from charming boutique web shops to robust online stores that handle multiple currencies.

Keep track of all your orders with visual aid

The e-commerce industry is based on trust. The ordered product does not arrive? You lose a customer forever. Ordered product arrives late? You're probably losing a customer for good too. 

Whether you're running your store solo or with the support of a team, the key to its smooth functioning lies in intuitive order management. From what we've seen, Umbraco Commerce excels in this aspect by categorizing orders with color-coded status labels, enabling you to manage and search through them swiftly. 

Not just sell but keep learning how to sell more through data

  Umbraco Commerce add-on for developing modern ecommerce solutions Developing modern ecommerce solutions – looking to develop an online store? Build it with Umbraco and new Umbraco Commerce add-onWe understand that when you run an online store, your goal is not just to sell but to improve your selling techniques continually. You want to know which products to showcase more prominently and to whom. You seek insights into pricing and marketing strategies that work best. A great e-commerce system should serve as a valuable repository of information to support you in making such informed decisions.

With Umbraco Commerce's built-in summary dashboard and analytics section, you can get an instant performance view and monitor trends over time. This invaluable data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions, achieve KPIs, and ultimately enhance your bottom line. 

Grow the store on your terms

Imagine a new online payment method emerging in the market and gaining immense popularity. With the flexibility of Umbraco Commerce, connecting this payment option to your store will likely be much easier than in the case of closed sales platforms bound by internal contracts. 

Simply put, Umbraco Commerce gives you complete control of the design and functionality of your e-shop. Besides a wide range of third-party integrations, it offers a robust set of built-in features.  

Just as Umbraco is well suited for creating multilingual sites, Umbraco Commerce is an excellent choice for manufacturers operating in many different markets. It will let you easily create and manage localized product descriptions and prices for other countries. 

The checkout process, a vital element of every online store, becomes a breeze with Umbraco Commerce Checkout. This free and open-source add-on package for Umbraco Commerce offers a no-code solution, enabling you to create an instant checkout flow effortlessly.

Easier build

While store owners and stakeholders might not find this part the most exciting, it holds significance for the development process and the overall cost of building and maintaining the e-commerce solution. The good news is that both Umbraco and Umbraco Commerce share the same technology stack, featuring the ASP.NET framework and C#. 

This means developers familiar with Umbraco, like us, can quickly grasp the concepts and patterns used in Umbraco Commerce, making the journey to take the store live a lot smoother and quicker compared to some other platforms. So, let's embrace this advantage and get your store up and running in no time.

Looking to develop an online store with a multi-market range? Hit our inbox or schedule a call to learn more about our approach and offer.  

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