Xperience by Kentico DXP: What's new?


Better outcomes with fewer resources sound like something every company would sign on to, and Xperience by Kentico is meant to deliver it with its multi-channel experiences. As a proud Kentico Partner, we closely follow every news surrounding the upcoming hybrid headless platform. 

Xperience by Kentico news and updates before Kentico Connection 2023 Xperience by Kentico news and updates before Kentico Connection 2023. Learn more about the upcoming hybrid headless DXP

It's been quite some time since Partner Day when the big updates on Xperience by Kentico were revealed, and we still have a few months to go until the much-anticipated Kentico Connection event, where the full roadmap of this exciting new product will be unveiled. But, in the meantime, we're getting more and more fresh information about this innovative platform, which has been making strides for months through its Early Adopters Program.

Let's take a sneak peek at what's been going on.

Recently, Kentico published a short ebook neatly summarizing the advantages and useful features of the upcoming platform in the context of marketing activities and broadly understood business development. Xperience by Kentico is to be a real Swiss army knife for marketing and sales teams - offering multifunctionality combined with blazing speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness. 

Going live quicker

Speed is of the essence. Above all things, Xperience by Kentico is designed to ensure quicker time-to-market capabilities. Thanks to the platform's inherent composability, which is the trend we wrote before, you'll be able to expand the ecosystem more quickly and flexibly, translating into a faster return on investment. 

Future-proof technology stack

By facilitating smoother integrations with third-party tools and providing increased customizability, the system gains a longer lifespan, much like a car that can be easily maintained with commonly available parts. Moreover, regular refreshes become a guaranteed feature, ensuring the system remains up-to-date and efficient.

Super-intuitive role management 

A successful team relies on every member having a clearly defined role. With a fast and intuitive interface, administrators can easily assign detailed roles and permissions to users. Thanks to low-code and no-code solutions, website managers are no longer overly dependent on developers' work, streamlining their tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

More reusable content

Deliver messages anywhere on any channel. Manage many different marketing channels from one extremely flexible system. 

Firstly, the message can be highly personalized, considering various conditions like audience activity and characteristics. Managing these conditions is now more extensive yet surprisingly simpler than in previous versions of Kentico. Secondly, the content is reusable and shareable across multiple platforms, offering the flexibility to reach your audience wherever they may be and empowering true marketing agility.

We're excitedly anticipating the European edition of Kentico Connection in Brno, where we'll get insights into the plans for Kentico platforms. 

As Kentico's Gold Partner, ADHD Interactive naturally has a part of our development team all set to attend the conference. If you're also planning to be there and need extra resources for projects involving the implementation of new Kentico versions, we'd love to connect and discuss potential cooperation opportunities. Feel free to drop us a message in advance. 

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