Long-term digital services partnership with Emberson Marketing, UK


Synergy. It's such a cliche word in our line of work, but we can't find a better one to describe our digital services partnership with Emberson Marketing, a branding and marketing agency from the UK. During over six years of collaboration we delivered more than a dozen digital projects for them, including new websites, landing pages, and marketing integration solutions. We continue to create business opportunities for each other since one successful project always leads to the next one

Six years of working as an external web development department with Emberson Marketing Our partnership with Oakwood digital agency – team extension model

How it all came together

Emberson Marketing, based in the UK, provides integrated marketing services to global technology-based brands to help them grow faster. Emberson provides clients with a full range of brand, marketing and sales services to clients in the energy, marine and financial technology markets.

The marketing landscape has changed significantly over the last few years with digital marketing playing a crucial role in creating brand awareness and driving sales opportunities. Emberson Marketing wanted to meet the growing demand for digital services and expand its knowledge-base. But instead of building an in-house development team or hiring freelancers, they decided to look for a technological partner. 

Emberson chose us through a recommendation of a shared partner at the time when nearshoring software development to Central Europe was becoming a more and more popular choice in western countries. Some of their clients had websites based on the Kentico content management system that needed to be upgraded, refreshed, or redesigned. As Poland's most experienced Kentico agency, we were the obvious choice

Goals and challenges

The scope of our collaboration so far has covered:

  • designing and building new, Kentico-based, enterprise-level websites with complex system integrations while handling three-way communication (Emberson Group - ADHD - the end clients),
  • implementation of marketing automation and lead generation tools, 
  • migrating existing websites to the new MVC framework
  • building and rebuilding websites in the Umbraco content management system.

What does our collaboration look like?

We are Emberson's core digital development partner and work with them across their entire client portfolio, primarily on web development. With most of the projects, Emberson is responsible for the central concept, and we take charge of developing the UX and the frontend/backend aspects of the ordered product. 

  Our digital services partnership with Emberson Marketing, UK agency
Our partnership with Oakwood digital agency – team extension model

It's not a customer-subcontractor relationship. Instead, we work together as one team consisting of project managers, web developers, UX designers, and testers. We have regular status calls with each new project and use Monday.com as our shared project management tool. 

Achievement: peace of mind

We don't sell billable hours to clients, instead we sell sprints. They are blocks of time in which previously agreed critical parts of the projects are delivered. We provide much more than just an implementation of the submitted technical documentation. We are proactive with every new project, address the issues, suggest solutions, and help manage work. 

As Emberson's Managing Director put it: we provide peace of mind. 

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