Custom .NET solutions for Redhawk Logistics


Explore how Redhawk Logistics, a prominent supply chain management company based in Columbus, Ohio, improved cooperation with a key client through a bespoke integration solution crafted by our team. 

Developing SOAP API within .NET Core framework for Redhawk Logistics, supply management company from the US Digital transformation for logistic companies, helping logistic sector streamline data exchange and client transactions – case study for Redhawk Logistics Supply Chain Management companies orchestrate the intricate process of sourcing and delivering goods to consumers. It involves coordinating various stages, from raw material acquisition to final product distribution, to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Given the complexity of modern supply chains, custom-designed digital tools are essential to optimize operations. These tools enable real-time tracking, demand forecasting, inventory management, and communication between diverse stakeholders. 

Navigating the seamless exchange of sourcing information and transactions between a supply chain management company and its customers can be impeded by this complexity, particularly when the systems employed by each party lack compatibility. 

In such scenarios, a pragmatic remedy involves the creation of a tailored API by a software development agency. This very challenge was presented to us by Redhawk Logistics.



With the goal of enhancing its warehousing and fulfillment procedures, Redhawk Logistics sought to establish a frictionless integration linking its database and client system. They reached out to us to collaborate on designing and developing either a REST or SOAP API, complete with controllers. 

The client-provided information was to be directly stored within a database formulated in accordance with the provided specifications. Subsequently, when a specific data query arose, the system would adeptly extract the pertinent records from the database and seamlessly furnish them back to the client upon request.


REST and SOAP API – key differences – ask software development company from Poland to deliver SOAP Api for your company REST or SOAP API – which is best? Ask ADHD Interactive software development agency for their digital consulting

In case you don’t know, APIs serve as connectors between applications or services developed using diverse programming languages or platforms. For instance, a web application created with .NET can interact with a Swift-based mobile application through APIs.

So, what’s the difference between REST and SOAP?

REST is more akin to mailing a letter—straightforward, universally adaptable, and effective across various systems.

In contrast, SOAP resembles sending a package through a delivery service—capable of managing more complex requests and enriched with features like security and tracking, though its utilization is comparatively more intricate.


Considering the above differences and the need for customer security, we suggested providing a SOAP API to manage requests within the .NET Core environment. In addition, we developed Azure functions to fulfill specific needs, such as transmitting receipt data to a client endpoint, and actively participated in testing the ultimate solution alongside our client.

With a smooth orchestration of the project, a tailored solution was created that precisely fulfilled the requirements. A meticulously planned timeline was presented and adeptly adjusted in sync with the evolving conditions outlined by the client.


Thanks to our team's experience in working within the .NET Core environment, we were able to quickly develop, test and deliver an efficient solution to the client. To the customer's satisfaction, we also managed to meet the previously assumed budget and all the deadlines, including those falling over Thanksgiving Holiday.


Redhawk Logistics Case Study ADHD Interactive – review on the project – custom digital solutions for supply chain management Redhawk Logistics Case Study ADHD Interactive – review on the project – custom digital solutions for supply chain management

We forged this collaboration through a prior engagement with the owner on a different project, and both our companies are eager to continue sharing projects in the future. The logistics industry exhibits a substantial demand for effective technical solutions. Our focus on performance, coupled with our unwavering adherence to projected timelines, sets us apart prominently within the market.

In his review on Clutch, Michael Tobin of Redhawk Logistics praised us for "Very good communication and ability to provide solutions" and "Good cost-to-work quality ratio." We are ready to offer the same quality and commitment to you.

CONTACT US if you're interested in developing custom .NET solutions together. 

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